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5-9 October

Join the MasterCup® Club Regatta in 
An experience that you will remember
for the rest of your life.

The event is open for everyone, even if you are not involved in sailing you will participate on a luxury catamaran which will follow the regatta. A professional commentator will folow all details of the race and you will enjoy a lovely BBQ, delicious snacks and drinks to the DJ beats. It is not necessary to stay in a squashed boat with a crew overnight, as you will be accommodated in a comfortable hotel. For the regatta no previous experience is required as experienced skippers will accompany, guide and help all the way. 

Type of activity
Recreation and

5-9 October


MONICA Boutique

    Join us
    MasterCup® Club 

    Even if you do not participate in regatta,
    you will be able to enjoy the sea nature and share emotions with the participants of the competition in the fan zone on a luxury catamaran.


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    Can Bosch restaurant started
    to serve food, and in 1980 it opened as a restaurant. Since then, it has managed to become a gastronomic point of reference; its Michelin star, obtained in 1984, is one example of the recognition it has received..

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    Discover the unique flavors and charm of Spain’s Priorat winemaking region. Travel with a local guide through rolling hills and historic vineyards, some of which date back to medieval times. Taste several wines from the Priorat and Montsant.

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    Journey on the speed boat will take about 40 minutes one way, along the reefs, rock grottoes along the coastline of the reserve. We will stop in spactacular place, in front of the "pirates" grotto, where you can enjoy nature and swim. You will enjoy a delicious lunch on the farm.

    Excursion on request. Paid additionally

    MasterCup® Regatta
    Theory Day

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    An unforgettable

    We will train and carry out the necessary practices
to become a sailing regatta crew. Steer a sailboat, run the courses, practice tacks, trim of the sails, tactical aspects of a regatta, and much more . All these practical and theoretical concepts are to prepare you for a great adventure. Each crew will perform training in the field of maneuvers with an instructor, who will ensure your health and safety at all times. Our goal:
    to become a true member of a crew.

    MasterCup® Regatta
    Start Day

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    A regatta is a series of boat races making the rounds through buoys from the start line.
The Committee Boat is in charge of the starting procedure with flags and acoustic signal. From this moment teams, are coordinated by a professional skipper, which do all their best to finish the race as fast as possible, whilst adapting to the regatta rules, wind conditions and opponents with the same goal.

    Fan zone:

    We have a fleet of three catamarans that can be customized to watch the regattas from a privileged location on the seafront.
    Wide Area Network bow sun. Area covered in the bar area. Bath step forward for access to the sea. Two aft swim ladder to access the sea. Bar bar. Grill for conducting barbecues. Two bathrooms with toilets. Stereo and PA. Lunch and appetizers, commenting the race by professional presenter.